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28 – Caleb Grace [GenCon 2015]

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/greycompany/28_-_Caleb_Grace.mp3] [DIRECT DOWNLOAD] Part one of our GenCon 2015 wrapup begins with an extended interview with lead developer Caleb Grace! Join Dan and Ian as they ask some great questions about the state of the game and where we’re headed. … Continue reading

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22 – The Hobbit Special

[DIRECT DOWNLOAD] Dan, Derek, and Ian are joined by Mike, the Master of Lore! They spend the longest episode yet discussing The Hobbit: the films, the book, and the game. Each quest is analyzed and compared to the other versions. … Continue reading

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20 – Lore

[DIRECT DOWNLOAD] Dan, Derek, Ian, and Matthew complete their look at the four spheres of influence with an in-depth look at the green sphere. We answer some of your questions and talk about the sphere from a high level. Welcome/Intro … Continue reading

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15.5 – Mirkwood Pioneer

[DIRECT DOWNLOAD] A special, short episode in which we unveil and review our first spoiler for the Nin-in-Eilph pack! Have a listen and a look at the card below, then let us know what you think. E-mail: thegreycompanypodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @thegreyco … Continue reading

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