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Hey everybody. Derek here with a quick note. We are migrating away from Libsyn to our own servers. It should carry over without a hiccup, but if you find that you cannot access the show on your preferred platform do contact us.


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68 – Book Club XXV – The Grey Havens

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It’s the last Book Club…and the last episode of The Grey Company! Dan, Derek, Ian, and Matthew share their thoughts on Homeward BoundThe Scouring of the Shire, and The Grey Havens, then give a tearful farewell.

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Custom Cards by Philip B:


We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this amazing little community!

Get in touch. We’ll still be around!:

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67 – Book Club XXIV – Long live the Halflings!


Dan and Derek continue the book club with special guest, lead developer Caleb Grace! We hit The Field of CormallenThe Steward and the King, and Many Partings.

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Kill Count Legolas!

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66 – Book Club XXIII – Mount Doom


Dan, Derek, Ian and special guest Sierra continue the book club. We made it to Mordor! Chapters include, the Tower of Cirith Ungol, The Land of Shadow, and Mount Doom.

Image result for lotr lcg mountain of fire art

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Awesome custom cards by Philip B, with commentary:


“For the first three chapters of Book 6, I came up with three player cards related to Sam, since we’re mostly following his point of view. That’s why I had them all be Leadership, although some of the effects might fit more naturally in Spirit. I also designed the cards so that they would work well for the Mount Doom quest.
“The biggest moment for me in The Tower of Cirith Ungol is Sam’s song in the tower, which is already represented by Song of Hope. There are two big moments in The Land of Shadow, however, which don’t really have cards yet. Shortly after escaping the tower, Sam says that if he could see Galadriel he would ask her for light and water. Soon afterwards, the perpetual darkness over Mordor gives way to faint daylight, and Frodo and Sam find a streamlet. I chose readying to represent the light and a resource to represent the water. The name comes from Frodo saying to Sam, after they find the water, “I think we’ll trust our luck together, Sam; or our blessing.”
“The other big moment for me in The Land of Shadow is the star that shines on Sam. Sam is weary, and the night “seemed full of creaking and cracking and sly noises.” In the midst of desolation, however, Sam sees the beauty of a star (Eärendil?), and perceives that the Shadow does not have the last word. This enables him to put aside all fear and sleep untroubled. I wanted an effect that responded to the Shadow of a treachery: not by canceling it, but by inspiring a hero to see the Shadow as “a small and passing thing.” (The effect is similar to Elrond’s Counsel, but it has a different trigger and is more focused on willpower.)
“The Land of Shadow and Mount Doom are largely focused on overcoming weariness and despair to travel through a hostile land, so I wanted a card related to locations. Frodo and Sam are eating only lembas, which is not tasty, but it “fed the will, and it gave strength to endure.” Sam’s hardened will cannot be subdued by endless barren miles: he and Frodo keep pressing on. Strength to Endure boosts a hobbit hero’s willpower, like Dúnedain Quest, but it’s also similar to a repeatable Strider’s Path combined with Asfaloth. On the other hand, using its ability requires the attached hero to exhaust (or else you can lose it in a final effort), so you may well have to choose between using the willpower boost or keeping the hero ready so that you can use the ability if a location is revealed. The art for this card, Ted Nasmith’s Across Gorgoroth, is the art for my avatar on Discord: Frodo and Sam on their final via crucis are the hope for all free men, Estel Edain.”
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65b – Con of the Rings Recap


Dan, Derek, and Matthew chat about our experiences at Con of the Rings last week at Fantasy Flight Games Center! We also announce a giveaway we’re having for our patrons.


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Next episode we will announce the randomly drawn winners of our giveaway! We’ve taken a collector’s edition and broken it up. Current patrons are already entered for a chance to win one of everything: a copy of the limited edition 2 player starter box and the Mithril Edition Steam code for The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game on Steam. If you sign up as a patron now, you will be entered to win (separately) the art prints, replica ring, and playmat along with current patrons.

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65a – Tim & Luke of FFI – Con of the Rings 2018


Dan, Derek, and Matthew just got back from Con of the Rings 2018, and we’re giving you two episodes of content to help recap this epic event. First and foremost is our interview with Tim and Luke of Fantasy Flight Interactive. We think you’re going to love this conversation.

Next week we’ll have our own personal recaps!


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This episode brought to you by our Patrons!

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The Digital LCG One Week In

Derek here. I posted these on the Steam forums for FFI and thought I’d post them here as well for those interested. What do y’all think about the video game adaptation so far?

Image result for lord of the rings living card game

I post now my thoughts on early access so far after a week of play. While I’ve only logged about as many hours as some of you did on day one, I thought it important chime in on behalf of the casual/tabletop-experienced/super-handsome crowd. This is mostly just anecdotes; not a lot of bugs to report or specific card changes to suggest. My issues lie mostly with UI/UX. It feels quite clunky compared to other digital card games, but I’ll get into that later.

Tl;dr I love it so far and think it captures the vibe of the tabletop, despite a few minor issues.

Continue reading

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64 – Book Club XXII – Debate at the Gate

(Download here)

Dan, Derek and Matthew discuss the new digital Living Card Game and spend some time cracking into The Last Debate and The Black Gate Opens, as we finish book 5 in our book club!

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This episode brought to you by our Patrons! Thanks and see you at Con of the Ring next month!

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LOTR LCG Early Access Stream Tonight!

Join us over on our Twitch channel tonight at 8pm East!

And if you missed it, it’s now up on YouTube.tgc first look

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63 – Book Club XXI – Pyres & Healing


Dan, Derek, and Ian keep the book club chugging along as we have a look at the aftermath of the great battle: The Pyre of Denethor and The Houses of Healing are coming up!

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This episode brought to you by all of our Patrons! Thank you!

Kustim Kards


Vardaen: “Lossarnach Carrier is based on the idea of a market and merchant traveling around Gondor. “


Vardaen: “Instead of just another feint like card this one stops EVERYONE from fighting, both the good guys and the bad guys. However because Gandalf has to take time away from the front gate (and the Witch King) troubles are happening elsewhere, hence the Doom. Leadership because while tactics would seem to make sense, its really the power of Gandalf’s presence that stops the bloodshed not his combat prowess.”


Vardaen: “Medicine More Than Tears is something based on Pippin’s actions to try and save Faramir from Denethor.”



Philip says: “Estel Edain”

“I love the image of Aragorn as the Renewer. Aragorn’s popular legitimacy comes from the fulfillment of folk wisdom, which provides a glimpse of the unseen Author of this tale (like at the end of The Hobbit, when the rivers of Lake-town run with gold, and Gandalf asks why the prophecies should not prove true). I wanted a card that reflected both physical and a deeper healing. I thought Spirit was the best sphere for a Renewer attachment, and the non-healing effects all fit well in Spirit.”

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