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19 – Year In Review 2014

[DIRECT DOWNLOAD] After a short hiatus, Dan, Derek, Ian, and Matthew are back with a look at the now-completed Ring-maker Cycle as well as this whole year in The Lord of the Rings the card game. Welcome/Intro Ring-maker Cycle Expectations … Continue reading

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The Grey Company at The Battle of Five Armies

Originally posted on Hall of Beorn:
After four rounds of epic struggle, The Grey Company succumbed to an onslaught of Goblins and Wargs at our Twitch streaming of The Battle of Five Armies. Thanks to everyone who took part in this…

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The Battle of [the] Five Armies

Tonight the Grey Company will tackle The Battle of Five Armies in anticipation of the upcoming film! Get on Twitch at 8:30 Eastern tonight!

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Contest: Heroic Deeds

Originally posted on Hall of Beorn:
Greetings, readers! I hope that the holiday season finds you well. I always love this time of year, as I have ample opportunity for delicious honey-cakes before it is comes time to hibernate. In…

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Know Your Enemy (Blog)

I had a brainwave this week at the local game shoppe. As a bit of a writer, I find it almost imperative that I write about things as they appear on my radar. The process helps me to sift through … Continue reading

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