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shoreless is Derek Kamal, writer and teacher. If you are Mel Brooks, please get in touch.

55 – Book Club XIII – The White Rider

(Download) Dan, Derek, and special guest Mike (The Master of Lore) continue the book club! Welcome/Intro Review/Analysis of the Chapters Custom cards Get in touch! E-mail: Twitter: @thegreyco Website: Facebook: Community Calendar: Become our Patron: This episode brought to … Continue reading

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LOTR “DCG” News Roundup

We’re all terribly excited for the development of the digitized version of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, what we’re abbreviating as “LOTR DCG” (digital card game). The team over at Fantasy Flight Interactive are casting a wide net … Continue reading

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29 – Book Club II – Long-expected Shadows

[DIRECT DOWNLOAD] The book club returns as we investigate the first two chapters of Book 1! Also, the lads are debriefed on their GenCon 2015 experiences. Fireboarding is discussed. Enjoy! Welcome/Intro GenCon 2015 Review A Long-expected Party The Shadow of … Continue reading

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28 – Caleb Grace [GenCon 2015]

[audio] [DIRECT DOWNLOAD] Part one of our GenCon 2015 wrapup begins with an extended interview with lead developer Caleb Grace! Join Dan and Ian as they ask some great questions about the state of the game and where we’re headed. … Continue reading

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27 – Nightmare

[Direct Download] Derek, Ian, and Matthew expand the fellowship with Chris (Mirkwood Runner) and Matthew H! We discuss some big, general ideas about Nightmare play in LOTR LCG. Enjoy and sorry for the sound issues. Welcome/Intro What is Nightmare mode? … Continue reading

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26 – Helm’s Deep

[Direct Download] The gents are back with a strategic look at the Helm’s Deep quest from Treason of Saruman. Spoiler: there is no easy way to beat it. Enjoy! Welcome/Intro Defense Mechanic Locations Archery and Enemies Useful Decks Fellowship Aragorn What … Continue reading

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25 – Book Club I – Prologue

[audio] [Direct Download] The Grey Company begins it new ‘book club’ series with a hard look at the Prologue. We discuss the text itself, cards that have been made from its examples, fresh card ideas, and custom cards from listeners. … Continue reading

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