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shoreless is Derek Kamal, writer and teacher. If you are Mel Brooks, please get in touch.

67 – Book Club XXIV – Long live the Halflings! [download] Dan and Derek continue the book club with special guest, lead developer Caleb Grace! We hit The Field of Cormallen, The Steward and the King, and Many Partings. Get in touch: E-mail: Twitter: @thegreyco Website: Facebook: Become our Patron: Kill Count … Continue reading

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66 – Book Club XXIII – Mount Doom [Download] Dan, Derek, Ian and special guest Sierra continue the book club. We made it to Mordor! Chapters include, the Tower of Cirith Ungol, The Land of Shadow, and Mount Doom. Get in touch Sierra! Twitter Facebook E-mail: thegreycompanypodcast@gmail.comContinue reading

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65b – Con of the Rings Recap (download) Dan, Derek, and Matthew chat about our experiences at Con of the Rings last week at Fantasy Flight Games Center! We also announce a giveaway we’re having for our patrons. Get in touch E-mail: Twitter: @thegreyco Website: … Continue reading

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65a – Tim & Luke of FFI – Con of the Rings 2018 (download) Dan, Derek, and Matthew just got back from Con of the Rings 2018, and we’re giving you two episodes of content to help recap this epic event. First and foremost is our interview with Tim and Luke of … Continue reading

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The Digital LCG One Week In

Derek here. I posted these on the Steam forums for FFI and thought I’d post them here as well for those interested. What do y’all think about the video game adaptation so far? I post now my thoughts on early … Continue reading

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64 – Book Club XXII – Debate at the Gate (Download here) Dan, Derek and Matthew discuss the new digital Living Card Game and spend some time cracking into The Last Debate and The Black Gate Opens, as we finish book 5 in our book club! Get in touch E-mail: Twitter: … Continue reading

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LOTR LCG Early Access Stream Tonight!

Join us over on our Twitch channel tonight at 8pm East! And if you missed it, it’s now up on YouTube.

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