63 – Book Club XXI – Pyres & Healing


Dan, Derek, and Ian keep the book club chugging along as we have a look at the aftermath of the great battle: The Pyre of Denethor and The Houses of Healing are coming up!

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Kustim Kards


Vardaen: “Lossarnach Carrier is based on the idea of a market and merchant traveling around Gondor. “


Vardaen: “Instead of just another feint like card this one stops EVERYONE from fighting, both the good guys and the bad guys. However because Gandalf has to take time away from the front gate (and the Witch King) troubles are happening elsewhere, hence the Doom. Leadership because while tactics would seem to make sense, its really the power of Gandalf’s presence that stops the bloodshed not his combat prowess.”


Vardaen: “Medicine More Than Tears is something based on Pippin’s actions to try and save Faramir from Denethor.”



Philip says: “Estel Edain”

“I love the image of Aragorn as the Renewer. Aragorn’s popular legitimacy comes from the fulfillment of folk wisdom, which provides a glimpse of the unseen Author of this tale (like at the end of The Hobbit, when the rivers of Lake-town run with gold, and Gandalf asks why the prophecies should not prove true). I wanted a card that reflected both physical and a deeper healing. I thought Spirit was the best sphere for a Renewer attachment, and the non-healing effects all fit well in Spirit.”

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