The Grey Company is an in-depth podcast about The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Join Matthew, Dan, Ian, and Derek for a look at the strategy, meta-game, and lore of this amazing game. We record new episodes every month, with each one focusing on a different topic. We are currently focusing on our Book Club, in which we read through the book and compare it to the game itself!

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  1. Rob Huffman says:

    I have listened to your last three episodes on your show and I really enjoy what you guys are doing. You all are thoughtful, intelligent, mature and constructive in your comments. Everyone has excellent speaking voices and I really enjoy what you are doing.

    I have a few questions though;
    1. I live in the Phoenix area… and didn’t Matt say he lives and has a play group there? I’d like to visit the group if that is possible (I am a new player).
    2. You said something about playing on video? Where can I find them? (I am new to the game and learn from watching games being played.)

    One last comment;
    …in one of your recent episodes, one of the guys was talking about negative comments about the videos and the podcast and “not playing the game right” and other “nit-picky” things that audience members can do. Personally, I have my own podcast and I know first hand how negative comments can weigh on you, so don’t worry about the “negative” people. Just keep sharing your opinions and thoughts about LotR-LCG…
    …. your show is entertaining and educational….. especially for us new players!

    Thanks again! (…and let me know if I can visit Matt’s game group).


  2. Thanks for an absolutely superb podcast. I really like your discussions (and you’ve got some radio-friendly voices) – both on choice of topic and content.

    As a new player I’ve spent more time listening to you guys than playing the game 🙂

    On minor thing is that the soundlevels are sometimes a bit off. One guy will be fairly loud and another quite low – I keep adjusting the soundlevel but I suspect it’s a timeconsuming thing to fix.

    • Beorn says:

      Thanks for the kind words, mads1rasmussen. We have tried to eliminate the sound level issue completely, but unfortunately the recording software that we use can occasionally have a mind of its own. Hopefully we can squash this problem once and for all.

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