Contest: Heroic Deeds

New contest! Recount your own heroic deed and win a copy of Fog on the Barrrow-downs.

Hall of Beorn

Path of Need

Greetings, readers! I hope that the holiday season finds you well. I always love this time of year, as I have ample opportunity for delicious honey-cakes before it is comes time to hibernate. In the spirit of giving, and in behalf of The Grey Company and one very generous reader, I am pleased to announce a new contest. A reader by the name of David Gearhart has graciously donated a copy of Fog on the Barrow Downs and you, dear readers, have a chance to win this fine prize. As this is a copy of the Fellowship night kit, it also includes a much-sought copy of Aragorn, with alternate art.

Aragorn-alt-artFor this contest, we want to hear your most epic story of bravery, specifically as it relates to making quest progress (active location or on the quest itself) in a single round. Please note that this does not have to be a…

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