15.5 – Mirkwood Pioneer


A special, short episode in which we unveil and review our first spoiler for the Nin-in-Eilph pack! Have a listen and a look at the card below, then let us know what you think.


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shoreless is Derek Kamal, writer and teacher. If you are Mel Brooks, please get in touch.
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10 Responses to 15.5 – Mirkwood Pioneer

  1. diedertk says:

    I think it’s it more of a gamesaver then winner and situational. Other then his dommed ability he has nothing to bring save from chumpblocking.
    We nee to see this Woodman trait being developed more I guess.

  2. diedertk says:

    Although I do find it very funny how yoy talk about it.
    Derek starts hopeful ‘What do ypu think about this card?’ ‘Tsjirp …. Tsjirp’ Alright let’s start with Ian and you all are not very enthusiastic, hahahha

  3. Gizlivadi says:

    Just a honest opinion guys, I like that you, well, dare to say the card you’re given to spoil is pretty bad. Not all podcasts do this (not trying to say names but the list is pretty short). But yeah, the card is disappointing, if only he had good stats…

  4. Michael says:

    It seems I’m alone in this, but I like the card. I’m an avid fan of Fatty, and the Pioneer has a cheaper threat cost and is more versatile (hence the usage restriction). Being able to negate the threat of ANY card in the staging area is pretty good, and you get a chump-blocker out of the deal.

  5. edvandofilho says:

    He looks good. Cost 2, Doom 1 to have a easy +4 wp for one turn and +1 wp for quest or chump, seems balanced. If he had 2wp, he would be overpowered. He can be used in a doom deck also. He is a burst card, comes in and have a good impact for low cost.

  6. Jban says:

    I also agree that this card isn’t as bad as mentioned. I of course agree it isn’t a devastating powercard which solves all your problems like Asfaloth. But I find this card very useful in a lot of decks and it seems a balanced card (unlike a lot of power cards most people are waiting for). In a multiplayer game (3/4p) he will probably quest for 4+, afterwards he serves as a chump blocker/1 willpower.

    I would definitely add him to a deck with the Isengard Messenger which would even make him quest for 5,6 or even more.

    Next to the events you mentioned, this card isn’t a card I would keep (or keep resources for besides planning) for the moment I really need it, which always tend to be the case with Radagast Cunning’s or Secret Paths. Whenever a 3-threat something is there during planning, Mirkwood Pioneer will cross my mind to be played.

    I also disagree on your thoughts on Greyflood Wanderer which is a card I don’t play because I think he isn’t worth it. I gave him some shots, and in 95% he turns to become a dead card in my hand because we won’t get locked and there are plenty (not doomed) ways to clear locations. If I play spirit the Northern Trackers are 10x as strong and are able to clear locations. Unlike the wanderer who just puts 1 progress …..

    At last the comparison to Asfaloth makes no sense in my opinion. If you’d make a list of powerful card in this game, Asfaloth would be in that top 10, so any card comparison between a “normal card” and a “top 10 card” will turn in favor of the “top 10 card”.

    At last, I think the completely different opinions on this card seem to favor the developers, who succeeded to create an interesting card.

    I hope I didn’t express myself to harsh or any, I do appreciate what your doing ;-)!!!

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