11.5 – Dunland Trap First Impressions


Between babies being borned and summer vacations, things have been slow in The Grey Company camp. So, we decided to record a special episode to share our thoughts on the brand spanking new Dunland Trap adventure pack! Please pardon any audio issues — one episode without Ian and we’re a mess!

Speaking of Ian, being a brand spanking new dad he had to sit this one out. But go and wish him well in fatherhood over on Tales!

What do you think of the new quest, the first of the Ring-maker Cycle? Let us know in the comments or Facebook or Twitter.

About shoreless

shoreless is Derek Kamal, writer and teacher. If you are Mel Brooks, please get in touch.
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1 Response to 11.5 – Dunland Trap First Impressions

  1. Michael says:

    You had time to build up your forces on stage 3? I believe you’ve forgotten about the forced effect on Chief Turch: After an enemy engages a player, remove 1 time counter from the current quest.

    In a 4-player game, this equates to 10 rounds MINIMUM since Chief Turch engages the first player every round. With the amount of reveal-and-engage treachery cards in the encounter deck, you’ll end up with only a couple of rounds to build up your forces. In my play-thoughs, I barely had enough chump-blockers to make it through the final stage.

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