12 – Common Mistakes


The gang has a look at some typical mistakes players make with the sometimes confusing rules. We especially try to address some of the more unclear situations you might face. We also release some details on our plans for GenCon!

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shoreless is Derek Kamal, writer and teacher. If you are Mel Brooks, please get in touch.
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6 Responses to 12 – Common Mistakes

  1. Pekka says:

    Hello guys and thanks for the episode, this was the first one listened. I gotta check out the older ones, too. Here are just some ideas that popped in my mind while listening (English is not my native language, but bear with me):

    – A hero with a location related ability: Maybe something like “Whenever you travel to location, put one (two?!) progress tokens on it.”? It would nicely stack up with progress tokens provided by Snowbourn Scout etc. Maybe additionally “If this causes the location to become explored, you may travel again (limit once per round).”? Too powerful?

    – House rule/Quest rule: Location limit: “If a location is revealed from the encounter deck and there are already locations in the staging area equal or more than the number of players (+1? +2?), discard the revealed location and reveal a new card.”

    – Brightly colored letters: Maybe you could design some small stickers, that you could stick on your card sleeves? I’m sure you can order custom stickers from somewhere.

    • shipwreck says:

      Thanks for listening, Pekka! I like your ideas here.

      If you ever play the multiplayer variant of Star Wars LCG, you setup a bunch of locations in a kind of pyramid format which creates a ‘path’ for you to follow and hunt down whatever you’re looking for. Something like that might make a cool travel option as well.

  2. Tonskillitis says:

    Some excellent discussion this week and clarifications. It is so easy to be unsure about specific rulings in LOTR even after playing for years – I recently was faced with the ambiguity of the “must either x or y” which has been thankfully now been included in the latest FAQ.

    In regards to what Dan was suggesting in the rules for 3 or 4 players there certainly seem to be scaling issues with certain quests and location locking. While I agree it would probably too late to implement a “players may have 2 active locations in 3 or 4 player games” there is certainly potential for some sort of different rules which avoid house ruling. I know we have “easy mode” but this doesn’t really address the issue with travel and perhaps FFG could ratify some other “casual play” mode which enables players a reasonable shout at winning in most quests without synergistic deckbuilding for 3 to 4 player games. I don’t know if this would include some sort of limits to locations or enemies revealed per turn or maybe even surges- limit 1 per turn. Of course we could always try to encourage Dan’s play group to resort to the stellar hobbit event “Short Cut”!

  3. Buz says:

    I thought the clarification about the “do X or do Y” stuff was:

    If it says do “either x or y” a player can choose whichever they like. If it says “do x or y” a player must do x, if able. If not, they must do y.

    Am I wrong on that or are there card specific errata outside of that?

    • shipwreck says:

      I think the point of our clarification was the if/then nature of it. If you can’t do one, then you must do the other. I’ll let some of my more caffeinated colleagues chime in here.

    • Beorn says:

      Howdy, Buz. You are correct that the clarification applies to all cards that match these templates. From the latest FAQ (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/lotr-lcg/support/LotR-FAQ.pdf) the clarification is about the phrases “Must X or Y” vs. “Must either X or Y”. In the first case, where the word “either” is not used, then you have to try to trigger the first effect, if you are not able to then you must trigger the second effect. On the other hand, cards that say “Must either X or Y” allow the players to choose which effect to trigger. The chosen effect must be triggered in full, when this is possible.

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