11 – The One Deck


Music by Portugal. the Man

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6 Responses to 11 – The One Deck

  1. mtpereira says:

    Beorn’s mic sound is so much better in this episode. 🙂

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  3. William O'Brien says:

    I only just listened to this episode, so this is very late. While this deck doesn’t consistently beat every scenario, it does dominate the non-Nightmare quests up through Voice (aside from Lake-town, which is about 30-40%, depends mainly on shadow effects), and has a good record against the Nightmares other than Dol Goldur (currently 2 and 4 against Return to Mirkwood). I haven’t tried it yet against the Old Forest, Ringmaker, Nightmare Khazad, and Nightmare Dwarrowdelf.

    It does proxy some unreleased cards, though an earlier version without those cards has beaten each quest up through Voice and Nightmare Rhosgobel. The addition of the ents has made a huge difference in taking down the quests with a lot of boss-types, like Morgul Vale and the Nightmare Carrock.

    Aragorn (Lore)
    Frodo Baggins
    Glorfindel (Spirit)

    Allies (20):
    3x Wandering Ent
    3x Westfold Horse-breeder
    2x Arwen Undomiel
    2x Bilbo Baggins
    2x Bofur (Spirit)
    2x Gandalf (Hobbit)
    2x Henamarth Riversong
    2x Treebeard
    2x Warden of Healing

    Attachments (16):
    3x Fast Hitch
    3x Light of Valinor
    2x Ancient Mathom
    2x Asfaloth
    2x Healing Herbs
    2x Hobbit Pipe
    2x Unexpected Courage

    Events (14):
    3x A Test of Will
    3x Deep Knowledge
    3x Elrond’s Counsel
    3x Hasty Stroke
    2x Dwarven Tomb

    A change I’m considering is -1 Bilbo, -2 Hobbit Pipe for +1 Power of Orthanc, +2 The Seeing-stone

  4. EricF says:

    Necro this, I have an attempt at “one deck to rule them all” with details here: thoughtsbyericf.blogspot.com

  5. Legolas says:

    Only just listened to this – so sorry for the (really) late replay ;-))

    I see the “one deck” concept different. For me it’s actually the most important thing in mind when I build a new deck. While I never literally played a single deck against each and every quest I want my decks in general to perform well against as many quests as possible (i don’t own/play any hardmode). To compensade for odd quests I am using 15 card sideboards for all my decks. And I want to have a couple of different decks ready to take out and play against…anything I feel like. I don’t like to be forced to sit down and build a new deck every time I want to play a quest!

    This way the game is way more accessible for my friends who like to play lotr but own no cards and never would or could build decks with my cards. It simply hits the table more often with prepared generally usefull decks available.

    I enjoy this approach thematically too. The Lotr heroes really should be capable to deal with just about anything that waits behind the next corner instead of having to time travell back and prepare allies, equipment and so forth exactly for what they now know (!) will be behind the corner. Actually that sounds a little like boring, cheating, doesn’t it?

    So I do agree, deck building is a part of the game. For me the playing is more important however. I don’t like the idea of tailor made decks beeing an requirement for every new quest.

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