40 – Stormcaller



Matthew, Derek, and Ian chase down the player cards of the Flight of the Stormcaller and give them the review they so richly deserve. We also debate the merits of the hottest spoiler from the Flame of the West announcement.

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2 Responses to 40 – Stormcaller

  1. kypatzer says:

    Eowyn + The Hammer-stroke + Thicket of Spears + Hour of Wrath = Board Wipe

  2. Gizlivadi says:

    I agree with Matthew’s assessment of Tactics Eowyn. In multiplayer she’s still inferior to Spirit Eowyn. however, in solo I think she’s a game-changer. Nowadays most of my solo decks don’t even include Tactics, since it’s easy to get attack and defense from other spheres (unless I’m running the whole Boromir + Galadriel thing), meanwhile willpower, especially early willpower, are essential. The fact that now I can have 2 non-tactics heroes with high attack and willpower (there are many), as well as 6 threat 4 willpower hero and still have access to Tactics is huge.

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