25 – Book Club I – Prologue

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Bilbo by Bros. Hildebrandt

Bilbo by Bros. Hildebrandt

The Grey Company begins it new ‘book club’ series with a hard look at the Prologue. We discuss the text itself, cards that have been made from its examples, fresh card ideas, and custom cards from listeners. Enjoy!

This episode brought to you by all of our Patrons! Thank you!

Custom cards, by Ian:
Old-Toby-Front-Face Longbottom-Leaf-Front-Face

Custom cards, by Diedert K:
Smoking-Front-Face Old-Toby-Front-Face Art-of-Disappearing-Front-Face Different-Breeds-Front-Face Unknown-History-Front-Face The-Mathom-house-Front-Face The-Big-Folk-Front-Face Forgotten-Language-Front-Face

Custom cards, by Phillippe:
22392_1667202883510194_5122642466812531845_n 10931163_1667203066843509_7696091558281364449_n

Bumper music, as always, by Portugal. The Man.  Opening music from the LOTR Soundtrack

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shoreless is Derek Kamal, writer and teacher. If you are Mel Brooks, please get in touch.
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5 Responses to 25 – Book Club I – Prologue

  1. Alain Bruegger says:

    Great episode, as always guys! Devoured it instantly, unfortunately I somehow missed the announcement for book club! Guess I need to check in on Facebook more frequently!

    I love the idea of such themed AP’s for the future…let’s see what FFG has in store for us after the Saga Expansion cycle is finished…

  2. I like the new logo. Make sure to update it everywhere (like Patreon)! 🙂

  3. Gwaihir the Windlord says:

    Great episode, as usual. I’m interested to see how the scouring of the Shire will work, as well, if (and hopefully when!) the game reaches that points.

    As a side note for Derek: The code to cracking Helm’s Deep is four letters: E-N-T-S
    Merry/Pippin/Treebeard with tons of healing works great, especially with Fellowship Aragorn’s readying effects. I had two Booming Ents at seven attack at one point, and throwing in ally Legolas for much-needed card draw is a huge bonus. Granted, I was playing a multiplayer game when I won with the deck, but getting Resourceful on Aragorn and including The Three Hunters should take care of the lack of readying.

  4. Pengolodh says:

    Great episode! It’s always interesting to hear different ideas of how to integrate more of the book into the card game. As for locations, and wanting to actually be in the Shire and Rohan, that reminded me of a chapter in The Return of the King, Many Partings, where the hobbits travel back to the Shire, passing through Rohan, Dunland, Eriador, and reach Rivendell, and then Homeward Bound and the Scouring of the Shire. If it were to be a quest of some sort there could be multiple encounter sets (like in Over the Misty Mountains Grim, I believe it’s called) with some set aside, and after clearing a certain amount of locations swap encounter sets to the new area, such as Rohan to Dunland and so on.

  5. legofiddler says:

    Leviticus is the book of law. Numbers is the book of records. (With lots of names, but not completely names.)

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