24.5 – The Lost Realm (Quests)


The full Grey Company reviews the quests of the Lost Realm box and discuss strategy for beating the difficult scenarios. Also our new mailbag section and some important announcements! Dan’s cat chimes in.

This episode brought to you by all of our Patrons! Thank you!

Bumper music, as always, by Portugal. The Man.  Top image courtesy Master of Lore.

About shoreless

shoreless is Derek Kamal, writer and teacher. If you are Mel Brooks, please get in touch.
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3 Responses to 24.5 – The Lost Realm (Quests)

  1. diedertk says:

    Before I start listening:
    Book club? Sounds interesting and cool!

  2. diedertk says:

    Cool idea on the ‘book club’. I heard it even came from Matthew, or so he told me himself. 😉 Reminds me of the Tolkien Professors Seminars! This will be epic.

  3. mcnoat says:

    I’m looking forward to the book club.
    I personally think it would be a good idea to make the book club a regular feature on the show (the structure of a typical episode could be Main topic then Mailbag then Book Club) and to go through the books one scenario at a time (meaning that each episode you discuss a different saga scenario and only assign the chapters of the book that are relevant to said scenario).

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