47 – Power vs Theme




In this episode, Derek, Dan, and Ian discuss the challenges and possibilities of balancing theme and power when building decks.

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1 Response to 47 – Power vs Theme

  1. authraw says:

    Wow, I have actually been thinking about this a lot lately. I have begun working on a blog focusing on this very topic. I had been hoping to build up a little bit of a content backlog before sharing it out, but it’s just too relevant not to post a little early:

    I love your analysis here, I think it serves as a really good survey of the state of the meta today. I’ve always loved building thematic decks, but it’s hard to do everything you need without making thematic sacrifices. I remember once nicknaming SoG “Steward of Gondwarf” so I could play it on Dain. 🙂

    I think recently, though, we’ve received quite a few “generic” stand-ins (like Captain’s Wisdom) that help to fill some of the holes in the meta that used to be provided only by cards with narrow thematic applications. It’s becoming easier every day to build competitive thematic decks!

    Or at least I hope so; otherwise my Thematic Nightmare blog is in for a rough time.

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