46 – Book Club VII – A Knife in the Dark




The book club continues with a look at the chapters “A Knife in the Dark” and “Flight to the Ford”. We wrap up Book 1 of The Lord of the Rings in this episode!

This episode brought to you by all of our Patrons! Thank you!

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5 Responses to 46 – Book Club VII – A Knife in the Dark

  1. Wonderful episode! As proof that vocalizing names has real power, you’ve summoned me to comment by mentioning mine in your podcast! 😉

    I thoroughly enjoyed your discussion about the power and abilities of the Nazgul and of the One Ring in the hands of different wielders. It drove me to Tolkien’s letters to look for more information where I found a fascinating draft reply to a fan on “Frodo’s failure to surrender the Ring in the Cracks of Doom” which I think you would all enjoy since that topic came up as well.

    There is a part that discusses what happened on Weathertop in which Tolkien suggests that the One Ring is only as powerful as the will or desire of the person who is using it. Since on Weathertop, Frodo “acted merely in fear and wished only to use (in vain) the Ring’s subsidiary power of conferring invisibility”, that’s all that happened. He disappeared (though not from the Nazgul, as he hoped).

    However, Tolkien goes on to speculate what would happen if Frodo had actually “claimed it as an instrument of command and domination” over the Nazgul. Would he be able to order and conquer them? His ideas are very interesting! In fact, the whole letter consists of Tolkien exploring various “what if” scenarios. What if Sam also forgave Gollum as Frodo did? What if Gollum got the Ring back sooner? What if Gandalf had wielded the One Ring? Or Elrond? Or Galadriel? And most centrally, did Frodo fail? If so, how?

    Tolkien’s thoughts about all these and more are in Letter 246, which can be found scanned online here: http://faculty.smu.edu/…/online…/TolkienLetters246.pdf

    Thanks again for another amazing book talk!

  2. Whoops, I copied my reply here from Facebook which abbreviated the URL. Here’s the whole link:

    Click to access TolkienLetters246.pdf

  3. Lee says:

    Please, please, please look at ways to improve your recording levels. I understand you probably all use different equipment and probably record over Skype but this isn’t the first episode where I’ve had one speaker literally hurt my ears while another has been too quiet to hear, all at the same volume level on my device.

    Other than that – another great episode. Keep up the good work!

    • Sarah Ann says:

      Agree with Lee, an upgrade in audio recording will be much appreciated.

      If you dont have any options yet I would look into a RODE Smart Lav – it’s about $60 – but its so well worth it.. it can be plugged into your phone or your computer to record. No battery required and the quality is simply amazing.

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