43 – Hero Showdown




In this episode, Matthew, Derek, and Ian run through the spheres, debating the best and worst heroes for each. No holds are barred and no punches are pulled as we engage in a true hero showdown.

This episode brought to you by all of our Patrons! Thank you!


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3 Responses to 43 – Hero Showdown

  1. Psychorocka says:

    Loved this episode!
    Could not agree more re Lore Glorfindel being the worst lore hero.
    Insanely high starting threat, wasted stats unless you get readying on him and he just doesn’t fill any specific role or slot either. The healing is honestly the best part but the fact each single point of healing costs a resource is pretty expensive considering how many great and cost effective options we have for healing now. I think the fact it is available from the very first turn straight away is probably the biggest strength of his healing ability but even then you can play Imladris Caregiver or Warden of Healing first turn for just 2 resources (one more than his ability) to get repeatable more effective healing out.
    All of this AND the fact that his spirit version outshines him makes him near unplayable and you will almost always have a better option than him unless you REALLY want that healing!

    Oh! Even the new ally version of him is better than the lore version…. can be played from your discard (so never really dies) and has inbuilt readying… that even ties in to Noldor mechanics…

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  3. Dirk Meijer says:

    is tactics Théoden really that bad? In multiplayer, everyone’s tactics heroes are affected.

    I’m really looking forward to a mono tactics Théoden/Éowyn/Merry deck. The beauty is that even though you’re not getting the best attackers and defenders from the sphere that should have them, you have access to all the beefy tactics allies.

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