18 – Leadership


We continue our series on the spheres of influence with the Leadership episode. Matthew, Dan, Ian, and Derek have a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the purple G; talk briefly on Celebrimbor’s Secret, that latest pack; and announce the winner of Patreon giveaway!

This episode brought to you by all of our Patrons:

  1. Mark C
  2. Kim K
  3. Ron H
  4. Matt D
  5. Matt Hidalgo
  6. Anders L
  7. Stephen S
  8. Joey O
  9. Nigel M
  10. Peter S
  11. Mark B
  12. David H
  13. Stephane B
  14. Brian K
  15. and the Steward himself, Chris S

Thank you!

Opening music from The Lord of the Rings film soundtrack. Bumper music, as always, by Portugal. The Man

About shoreless

shoreless is Derek Kamal, writer and teacher. If you are Mel Brooks, please get in touch.
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8 Responses to 18 – Leadership

  1. Gwaihir the Windlord says:

    Another great post, as always. Keep it up!

    And Ian – As a huge fan of the music, I expect a full report on the LoTR screening with a live orchestra. 🙂

  2. diedertk says:

    Omg, I am not solo commenting here anymore! My preciousss has been stolen. 😉
    and I almost forgot to comment here.

    I would just change the name too. Into something like Ancient Heirloom or Ancient Treasure. If I would want to nerf SoG, which I am opposed against, I would give it the Restricted limit, I think or “Exhaust SoG to add 1 tomato to each heroes resourcepools’.

    A question about the Patreon, do all Americans have a Credit Card or something? I need to have one too to become one. 😦

    Omg Gwaihir and the Lord of the Winds are two different entities! 😮

  3. diedertk says:

    But whats most important: Great episode. I like all the four of you. This project or whatever you call it, can be deemed a great succes. Your knowledge about this game, strategy, thematicly, or anyly, it doesn’t matter. Together with Matthew Hidalgo, you’re like the five Istari (the Fifth Man being Radagast of course ;)) of this game. You are great, keep it up! (Lets charge those Patreons with 20 episodes a month! :))

    ps. My comment above says opposed against which probably isn’t correct English. I meant to say ‘which I am against’ or ‘opposed to

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