30 – Over/Under



The Grey Company crew (sans Ian) takes on a set of cards, discussing whether they are overrated or underrated.

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2 Responses to 30 – Over/Under

  1. Ryan Hester says:

    One thing that wasn’t mentioned about Longbeard Elder is his usefulness in quests that have the Battle and Siege keywords. I put him into a deck recently for Into Ithilien that I was playing two player and found him to be very useful. When you commit him to a battle or siege quest he still gets the scrying effect so in a two-player game I was already aware of half of the cards that were going to be revealed (barring surge). If the top card was a location, then great, I get to pop an extra progress on the location or quest. If not, then he loses one willpower but that willpower isn’t being used for the quest anyways. Sure, his attack and defense are only 1 but if Dain is in play then he’s at least up to two attack. Anyways, I just thought it was cool that in battle or siege quests you could get all the benefits of his ability with none of the drawback.

  2. Steven A says:

    I’ve used Ring of Barahir in a pair of decks I built to try and get the maximum possible attack power (somewhere around 20 as I recall) out of Gimli by boosting up his hit points and damaging him. It’s much more a gimmick rather than a sensible strategy, but it was fun to do.

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