8 – Spirit


Music by Portugal. the Man

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3 Responses to 8 – Spirit

  1. bootagot says:

    Nice episode, I really enjoyed it. I found with HoN cycle that spirit’s necessity died down, with the introduction of battle and siege questing. Spirit could not battle/siege as well as other spheres could quest normally. So the little questing power you lost running another sphere was easily made up by siege and battle questing they provided (tactics was finally predominant opposed to a splash). However with the Ringmaker cycle, Spirit is back on top. With the time mechanic I have found it so important to get the willpower total high from the start and plough through it, otherwise things can snowball very quickly. In the first quest I would find myself with the reveal another card or remove a time counter that would reveal another two cards… and then the card you reveal makes you lose the time counter anyway so you reveal another 2 and then they surge or make you choose again, and then you fail questing and are in a very bad way. I should have prefaced it by saying I play mainly solo, unless on octgn [but then im the solo tactics guy because I never get to play tactics solo]

    Also I play I really sweet mill deck with gimli, nori, gloin. It pretty much combos by putting expensive attachments for free on gimli + resource generation and dwarf swarm. It surprisingly works well and is super fun.

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