Pilot – The Grey Company Arrives

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/greycompany/22109.mp3]

Music by Portugal. the Man

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6 Responses to Pilot – The Grey Company Arrives

  1. heavykaragh says:

    It’s great to see even more content from the community. And from such experts there must be a lot to learn!
    Is it possible to make the podcast available as mp3 file? I listen to the podcasts in a portable player, and making it easily available wold be nice.

  2. Robb says:

    Great Podcast guys! A lot of great discussion with a low amount of ‘inside’ jokes. Plus I enjoy the diversity of each player which creates excellent viewpoints. Can’t wait for round two.

    I heard about you guys on http://www.reddit.com/r/lotrlcg so feel free to pop in there and say hi to yet another small community of LOTR LCG players.

    • TalesfromtheCards says:

      Hey Robb, thanks for listening and thanks for the kind words! It was a blast to record, so I’m looking forward to doing the next episode as well. Also, thanks for the link to the reddit, I’ll definitely check it out.


  3. Jonathan says:

    I have patiently avoided the Grey Company podcast until my progress through the game catches up to your first episode, and I have to say: wow. I have greatly enjoyed the host’s other contributions to the LoTR LCG community, and the podcast lives up to my expectations. I really appreciate the smart, focussed discussion of the game. Who knows, maybe one day I will catch up to the newest episodes, but in the meantime I will enjoy my 2013 timewarp 🙂

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