18 – Leadership


We continue our series on the spheres of influence with the Leadership episode. Matthew, Dan, Ian, and Derek have a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the purple G; talk briefly on Celebrimbor’s Secret, that latest pack; and announce the winner of Patreon giveaway!

This episode brought to you by all of our Patrons:

  1. Mark C
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  15. and the Steward himself, Chris S

Thank you!

Opening music from The Lord of the Rings film soundtrack. Bumper music, as always, by Portugal. The Man
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Community Calendar

We’ve launched the community calendar for The Lord of the Rings the card game! The objective is to have a centralized place where all events (in person and online) for the game can be seen. A few U.S. events have already been added!

Check it out here and be sure to add your event as well. Get in touch with Derek if you have any questions.

shire calendar

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17 – Rohan


Matthew, Dan, Ian and Derek get back to trait discussion with a full episode dedicated to the Rohan trait! We look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Horse-lords and provide some deck-building tips. Finally we give our thoughts on the latest adventure pack, the Nin-in-Eilph and introduce our Patreon project (with giveaway)!

  • Welcome/Intro
  • Rohan
    • Weaknesses
    • Strengths
    • Favorite Heroes
  • The Nin-in-Eilph
    • Thoughts on the quest
    • Favorite player cards
  •  Patreon
    • We are opening up a crowd-sourced funding option through Patreon! If you have a few bucks you can spare, and appreciate what we do, consider becoming a Patron. All founding patrons who sign up before our next episode will be entered into a giveaway to possibly win a copy of the alternate art Aragorn card!*


Opening music from The Lord of the Rings Online soundtrack, composed by Chance Thomas. Bumper music, as always, by Portugal. The Man.

*A note on Patreon: we certainly don’t expect compensation for The Grey Company — we do it because we love the game and the community and because we enjoy doing it! But it does take time and money, so if you feel that what we do is worth a few bucks per episode, consider becoming a patron! This will help cover hosting costs, shipping for contests/giveaways, better equipment, and so on. Check out our Patreon page for more info.

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16 – Roads Darken


Matthew, Dan, Ian and Derek review the latest saga expansion, the Road Darkens. Included is a discussion on player cards as well as the quests!

Opening music from The Lord of the Rings Online soundtrack, composed by Chance Thomas. Bumper music, as always, by Portugal. The Man.

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Flight to the Ford

Did you know that we [occasionally] do video play-throughs? Matthew and Derek took a trip to Rivendell in Flight to the Ford. Watch and see what happens as we get ready for The Road Darkens!

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15.5 – Mirkwood Pioneer


A special, short episode in which we unveil and review our first spoiler for the Nin-in-Eilph pack! Have a listen and a look at the card below, then let us know what you think.


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15 – Tri-sphere Decks


Matthew, Dan, and Derek discuss the pros and cons of three sphere deck-building, including sphere ratios and resource smoothing. Plus we announce our contest winner!

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